Communication Arts with Ms. Carlson

Welcome to Communication Arts! I am very excited to have you in class this semester.  My goal in this class is to give you a fun place to explore the fundamentals of communication and public speaking. You will become familiar with research styles, listen, watch, and read great speeches, understand speech making as an ongoing process, and a variety of speech types and communication styles that will aid in personal relationships and career choices. I know this is going to be an exciting semester!  If you need to get in touch with me at any time, please feel free to use the contact information above.

-Ms. Carlson

Speeches to be presented:

Non-verbal and Verbal

Informative Speech

Biography Speech

Persuasive Speech

Research Speech

Demonstration Speech

**Students are required to present all speeches***  

***Failure to present a speech will result in failure for the entire semester***

All presentations will be given on assigned day.

If students choose not to give their speech on the assigned day, they will be BIST’d and not be able to return to class until they have processed.

Films viewed in class:

Twelve Angry Men

The King’s Speech (contains strong language)

Required Materials

- pen or pencil

- a folder/binder & paper

- lap top computer/charger

- HHS email account

- HHS assignment book

Grading Breakdown

30% Daily Work

Worksheets, speech critiques, research, group work and online


70% Assessments

Tests and Quizzes


Late Policy:

Daily work and homework assignments will receive an automatic grade of 60% when turned in late. Each day a speech is late it will be minus 5% points from the overall grade.  For example, if the speech is given three class periods late then the best possible grade you could earn would be an 85%.    


If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.  The green basket in the front of the room, will have handouts you missed, along with a list of what was completed in class.  Also, a weekly planner of the daily activities and assignments can be found on my webpage at

Computers in the classroom:

The computers are to be used for academic purposes only. If it is apparent they are not, then computer privileges will be taken away. We will use the computers on a daily basis in class, so it is crucial for you to bring your computer charged along with the charger. I have a limited number of plug-ins in my classroom, so make sure to fully charge your computer at night.  

Online Discussions:

Weekly, we are going to be completing online discussions using google groups. These online discussions are over topics that are prevalent in today’s society. With the online discussions students are going to have to respond to an article with their own opinion and then respond to their classmates as well. Each of these online discussions are worth 10 points. There will be time given in class to complete these assignments, however if they are not fully complete they will then need to be completed as homework.

Join our group! All students must become members of our Google Group. You can do so, but clicking on your period and selecting the blue "Join Group" button. This will add you to our class email list, and allow you to receive important documents and participate in online discussions. 
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