Poetry Project

Poetry Project Presentations Order 

ANNOUNCEMENT 12/8:  If you are still haven't found the research you need, 
it may be time to switch gears and find another poem.  
1) Before giving up on a poem make sure you have done the following:
A) used the HHS databases
B) used the Wesleyan databases include JStor and Academic Search Premeier
C) Gone to Hastings College and looked through their databases & book collection (and asked for help there)
2) Figure out a Plan B and run it by me
3) It is up to you to decide whether it is time for a change or if you want to keep looking.  Keep the time frame in mind.  Essays are due a week from Tuesday. 
Assignment Sheet handed out 11/26
 Poetry Supplements One, Two, and Three
You will have to rotate these to read them, which may mean downloading into preview.
Presentation Rubric & Dunbar's Sample Presentation 
 Essay Rubric
Research Help 
HHS Media Center Resource Page 
 Wesleyan Library Page
 Essay Specifications/Help

Sample Article Summary 
 Sample Essay Draft 1 (intro & outline)
 Sample Essay Draft 2 (halfway done + Works Cited)

HHS Databases, Usernames, & Passwords




Nebraska Access



  • Omnifile Full Text

  • advanced search

  • scholarly journals




  • advanced search

  • scholarly journals



Nebraska Wesleyan University

  • go to: http://www.nebrwesleyan.edu/

  • click on: academics

  • click on: library (right hand side, small green link)

  • click on: search e-resources (left hand side, big link)

  • I prefer J-Store or Academic Search Premier

Hastings College Perkins Library--

If you go on campus you can search and print

Or if you are taking a dual credit class you can use your login from any computer

  • www.hastings.edu

  • scroll to the VERY bottom and click library

  • click databases--alphabetical (right hand side, small red link)

  • I prefer J-Store or Academic Search Premier

Our research process

1. Search

2.  Scan to see if this is usable

3.  Print or import to google

4. Read thoroughly & highlight

5.  Write your summary (ala Aow--JUST the summary not a response)

6.  Below your summary, keep a list of usable quotes

7.  Below your usable quotes add the article’s MLA citation PLUS in-text citation

8.  Share these with Mrs. Dunbar during our conference