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Our mission as a department is to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to attain the knowledge and skills to be successful individuals. Hastings Public Schools require students to take three years of science however, many students decide to take four years of science. Dual credit is offered in Honors Chemistry and Honors Physics with Nebraska Wesleyan University and Hastings College.

Mrs. Laura Allen
resource, room 158
AA Science (biology) Weekly Schedule S2 -S2

AA Science (biology) Weekly Schedule 

Science in Society w/Walbridge Weekly Schedule

Team Biology w/Walbridge Weekly Schedule

Physical Science w/Geiger - Supported Weekly Schedule

Mrs. Augusta Beahm
room 178
General Biology (Weekly Schedule)

Honors Chemistry (Weekly Schedule)

Advanced Chemistry
Mr. Jim Fielder
room 173
Honors Physical Science (Weekly Semester - 1st Semester, 2nd Semester)
Conceptual Physics (Weekly Semester - 1st Semester, 2nd Semester
Honors Physics (Weekly Semester - 1st Semester2nd Semester)
Mr. Matt Geiger
room 180
Supported Physical Science (Weekly Schedule)

Conceptual Physical Science (Weekly Schedule)

General Chemistry (Weekly Schedule)

Mrs. Shelly Mau
room 174
General Chemistry (Weekly Schedule)
Human Anatomy and Physiology (Weekly Schedule)
Mr. Rod Tickle
room 179
Supported Biology (Weekly Schedule)

General Biology (
Weekly Schedule)

Honors Biology ( Weekly Schedule)

Mr. Garth Walbridge
room 175
General Physical Science (Weekly Schedule)

General Biology (
Weekly Schedule)

Science In Society (Weekly Schedule)

Mr. Comron Yazdgerdi
room 172
Conceptual Physical Science (Weekly Schedule)

Honors Physical Science (Weekly Schedule - 
 1st Semester2nd Semester)
Conceptual Anatomy and Physiology (Weekly Schedule)

Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology (Weekly Schedule)