Theatre Courses

Information about Theatre I, Theatre II and Stagecraft.

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HHS Drama Club & Theatre Production Page (Performance and rehearsal schedule can be found here.)

Hastings Community Theatre

Hastings College Theatre

Students are required to attend the HHS Theatre production during the current semester. All performances are free to students with activity passes as well as those assisting with the production. Opportunities for students to be involved will be discussed in class, some possible roles are acting, backstage work, ushering and helping with the bake sale.

Theatre I

In this course, through improvisational scene work, theatre games, class exercises, scene work, discussions, readings, lecture/demonstrations and story telling students will develop their ability to act and interact freely and perceptively. Students will have the opportunity to perform short scenes. Students will discover how to become more aware of their environment and how to be supportive of others. Students will also have the opportunity to study theatre history, different aspects of design and the other behind the scenes work that goes into creating a theatre production. Beyond that, however, the class will provide students with the opportunity to strengthen those powers of concentration, focus, analysis, imagination, creativity and empathy that are critical to every art form.

World Theatre Research Page

Theatre II: Prerequisite: Theatre I

This course continues the work begun in Theatre I. The specific focus of the course will be on helping students to connect more deeply and truthfully with each other on stage, freeing up the body of the actor to fulfill the physical demands of characterization, and analyzing the dramatic text to clarify objectives and focus action through unit breakdown. Attention will also be given to helping students work through specific problems and personal creative obstacles. This course will also expand the students’ knowledge of other aspects of theatre production such as directing and producing.

Stagecraft: Prerequisites: Theatre I OR Basic Cabinetry (completed or concurrently).

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to various aspects of technical theatre, the “behind the scenes” work that goes into a theatrical production. Students experience both practical work in the scene shop as well as vocabulary, history and theory in a classroom environment. Students must pass a safety test to participate in the class.